Re-invent the residency #2

The second thematic residency is a follow-up of "Re-invent the residency".

In January 2015 seven artists from different backgrounds were invited to Arc to discuss the future practice of the residency. As well as discursive workshops, we collectively and literally re-invented and re-designed the residency according to the motto of "making is thinking". Together, we developed a workable and implementable design, a modular structure of wooden elements that can be used by the residents of Arc to make the house theirs during their stay.

The artists decided collectively to come back to Arc to in August 2015 to continue their discussions and to develop methods and tools for the residency. Theorist and curator Andrea Phillips (London), artist Filip Berte (Berlin) and the collective ckö (Zurich) will join us this time.

Participants: Filip Berte (Berlin), Nicolas Field (Geneva), Martina Raponi (Bologna/Amsterdam), Patrick Savolainen (Bern/Biel), Gosie Vervloessem (Brussels), Sara Widmer (Zurich).

Experts: Andrea Phillips (London), ckö (Zurich).


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Re-invent the residency 2

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