Apply for a Walk & Talk residency in 2019


We accept applications for 2019 only as from 1st November 2018.

A special characteristic of Arc is the wonderful landscape that surrounds it. As walking can be conducive to the discursive process, we want to regularly invite two persons for shorter residencies, to take long walks in the beautiful green surroundings together. 


Walk & Talk residencies are aimed at artists and other cultural practitioners who wish to discuss a certain question with an expert from another field. The idea is to give people time to enter into a longer dialogue in another rhythm and collaborative mode.  

You can either apply with a concrete proposal of who you want to walk with, either you can indicate the type of expert or practitioner you would want to meet, and we try to look for a good match.  

Besides a work space, Arc offers travel (by train), accommodation and food for Walk & Talk Residencies.

How to apply: 

- Check out the mission statement  of Arc and the FAQ on our website.  

- Check the availabilities.  

- Fill in the Walk & Talk application form and send it along with a recent CV (only one pdf file / maximum 2 MB), a portfolio/documentation (only one pdf file maximum 5 pages / maximum 8 MB) to info(at)

- For videos or audio, please provide links to your own website, Vimeo page, YouTube page, etc. Do not attach video or audio files. 

- Deadline for application: no later than 2 months before the starting date of your residency. 

- We accept applications for 2019 only as from 1st November 2018. 

- Incomplete application forms will not be accepted!