Thematic residency: Re-position your practice

A thematic residency around artistic strategies and entrepreneurship in the performing arts at Arc, in Romainmôtier, Switzerland. 

In our rapidly changing world the performing arts are currently facing some real challenges. In a globalized, neoliberal society where funding is becoming more restrained and competition increases, artists are more and more required to be entrepreneurs. How do artists (re-)position themselves in a paradigm shift driven by technological innovations, cross-disciplinary practices, social and political responsibility and a quest for new audiences and participation? 

By bringing together practitioners from different fields during a week in April 2017, Arc and the Performing Arts Department of Migros Culture Percentage would like to explore artistic strategies and entrepreneurship within a changing and challenging performing arts field. 

The common objective during the week will be to establish a toolkit for new models for sustainable, fair practices. A conceptual canvas that helps artists to (re-)define their roles, to articulate their mission, to rethink collaborations in and outside of the realm of the arts and to find better resources to implement their projects. 

This thematic residency is developed by Sally De Kunst, director of Arc, and Mathias Bremgartner, Project Leader Theatre at Migros Culture Percentage. 

Participants: Sally De Kunst (Director Arc), Mathias Bremgartner (Project Leader Theatre at Migros Culture Percentage), Silja Gruner (Project assistant Theatre at Migros Culture Percentage), Ash Bulayev (Expert) Seraina Dür (Artist), Cristina Galbiati (Artist), Ioannis Mandafounis (Artist), Samuel Schmidiger (Artist), Marion Thomas (Artist), Raphael Vuilleumier (Artist).

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