Thematic residency: Re-position your practice II

A follow-up event to the thematic residency in April 2017 which dealt with artistic strategies and entrepreneurship in the performing arts

In April 2017 Arc and the Performing Arts and Literature Department of Migros Culture Percentage brought together practitioners from different artistic fields for a week in order to explore how artistic strategies and entrepreneurship can be applied within a changing and challenging performing arts field. The Re-position your practice residency was a rewarding experience for all participants: in the workshops, models for sustainable, fair practices were tested, the participants’ own roles as artists and entrepreneurs were scrutinised and (re)defined, and collaborations and the handling of different resources were reconsidered. The residency became a toolkit which initiated and enabled the participating artists to re-position their practice. 

The same group of artists are now meeting again at Arc in April 2018. Based on the experiences gained already, the common goal during this follow-up residency is to establish a toolkit that can also be made available to other artists. This toolkit aims to give impetus to artists as to how they can (re-)position themselves in a rapidly changing (art) world. 

This thematic residency is organised by Sally De Kunst, director of Arc, and Mathias Bremgartner, Project Leader Theatre at Migros Culture Percentage.  

Participants: Sally De Kunst (Director Arc), Mathias Bremgartner (Project Leader Theatre, Migros Culture Percentage), Seraina Dür (Artist), Cristina Galbiati (Artist), Samuel Schmidiger (Artist), Valentine Paley (artist),  Nina Willimann (Artist), Raphael Vuilleumier (Artist). 

Coach: Ricarda Ettlin