Rudy Decelière / New Routines Every Day

Rudy Decelière (Tassin la Demi-Lune / France – 1979) is a multi-talented artist who explores sound art primarily through installations.

With soundscapes varying from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, he produces a sound architecture which – through its slow tempo, attention to detail and serenity – forges a very personal and inner intimacy with the audience or listener, connecting the work and its environment. He mainly works with concrete sounds that are made abstract in various ways, bringing the listener’s perceptive limits into play. 

Together with Immanuel de Souza, Rudy Decelière is a member of the duo New Routines Every Day.

After their first album (“You Never Know What Is Enough / Unless You Know What Is More Than Enough”, double LP, Pulver & Asche, 2017), created using a technique akin to in-camera editing, Rudy and Immanuel are working on their next project at Arc. It will consist of several stages, with the writing being more literary than cinematographic. The narration will no longer simply be the result of chance-based live recordings. Romainmôtier is the place where Rudy and Immanuel reflect, work out their compositions and then put everything together in recordings that exploit the acoustics of different buildings, using soundscapes as well as noise music and traditional instruments.


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Rudy Decelière et Immanuel de Sousa NEW ROUTINES EVERY DAY

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  • Custom-made residency


02 - 31 JUL 2018