GreenWoman is a collective (Malcolm Braff, Alexandre Gaeng, Hoover le, Knut Kaulke, Claire Huguenig) founded by pianist and composer Malcolm Braff with the aim of applying his non-Euclidean rhythm theory to a project that melds pop and art. As well as exploring the concepts of morphing and proximity, which form part of his theory of non-Euclidean rhythms, GreenWoman examines the status of women and the degree of biodiversity as indicators of global stability. 


During their Arc residency, the members of GreenWoman intend to draw up a charter that defines the band’s artistic content and music-making processes. With the aid of theoretical and applied research workshops, they aim to define and create an aural, philosophical, visual, literary and political identity, with which the name of GreenWoman will be associated. They also wish to investigate the various ways in which collective creativity works before applying these methods to one or more prototypical productions.


  • Custom made residency


17 MAR - 13 APR 2017