Gabriele Dini

Gabriele Dini is an artist recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, currently living in Amsterdam. 

His practice vary from moving objects to sculptural installation. Investigating primordial and man-made materials, he examines compositions and mutations of the matter over the course of natural and artificial alterations.  

During his residency at Arc Gabriele Dini will investigate found and primordial every-day objects altered by the course of time, as a trace of our "habitat". He will search for fragments to document a time-line of the landscape, taking a journey from the monastery's ruins to the latest architectural interventions. The goal of this artistic investigation is to gather in-site information for a series of physical sculptures/installations that will encompass the idea of time through the materials mutation.


  • Custom Made residency


25 NOV - 21 DEC 2016