Felipe Duarte

Felipe Duarte is originally a painter and teacher. However, he has devoted his last years discovering ways to blur the line between work and public. Through his activities he researches how we relate to each other. 

Guided by the notion that perception is at all times a political act, Felipe founded businesses, fostered communities and created artwork that challenges our conceptions of right and wrong, merit, class, privilege and how they shape our personal narratives. 

His research is focused on the phenomenon of perception. Under scrutiny at all times is language and the incestuous relationship between perception and description. Felipe pines and quarrel with words. Merit, power, privilege, success, scarcity and abundance are as alluring as they are elusive concepts. 

Arc has added two more dancers to his list of nightly partners – “culture” and “permanence” proved, to his liking, worthy of investment and cultivation.