Charlie Dance

Charlie Dance (UK 1986) is a visual artist and writer based in Warsaw, PL. He has a BA from Glasgow School of Art, and MFA from the Dutch Art Institute.

His practice revolves around the status of art and the role of visuality and images in the now. Examining the trivial, absurdity and truth, he highlights with humour and variations in clarity and obfuscation how the now is now, and that we just have to deal with it.

For the project at Arc Dance will once again join with Marie-Andrée Pellerin to embark upon another chapter of their collaborative practice. Following on from their first project together, Making Work Hard (Marfa Texas, 2015), they will extend and solidify their collaboration by developing work/s inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s Homage to Switzerland, a short story about three men and a very late train.


  • Custom Made residency


15 - 30 NOV 2015