Ward Goes

With a background in both design and cultural anthropology, Ward Goes looks at design and visual arts not merely as influential instruments, but as representative for their sociocultural and political context. Employing design techniques in research on the representational character of information is an essential part of his task as a designer. Not in an attempt to lay bare the (in)justice of certain visual systems, but instead to question the role of design and designer. By providing insight into visual processes and practices he tries to contribute to the constructive formation and exchange of opinion within public debate.

During his residency at Arc Ward will work on his research project In and Out of Europe. This project, which he started in the summer of 2016, is based on earlier studies on mobility on the European continent and his discomfort with the way in which mobility flows are currently regulated and discussed.

The outset of this research is mapping out isolated discussions on flows towards and from Europe — on for example the refugee crisis, Brexit and TTIP — in order to place these seemingly isolated phenomena in relation to one another. Within this partly visual and partly ethnographic research, he will produce a series of four on mobility of products & services, human beings, capital and information & knowledge. The aim of this series is to provide insight into how these flows are related and how these relations offer new perspective within discussions concerning mobility and European borders. At Arc he will take the time to do theoretical research and writing and interview experts from different disciplines.



09 - 29 MAY 2017
30 JAN - 05 FEB 2018
15 - 19 JUN 2018