Sonja Jokiniemi

Sonja Jokiniemi (1983, Kuopio) is a performer and choreographer based in Helsinki, Finland. She holds BA in Contemporary dance and choreography from Laban Centre London and MA in Theatre from DasArts in Amsterdam.

Her works are often based on catastrophic events, characterized by miniature landscapes. She is interested in subjective language systems and working with objects as co-performers. Her latest solo works include OH NO (2013) and Hmm (2015). Besides her performance work, she makes drawings and books, like Disastrous Events (2013) or PA A (2015), a book based on notations of subjective language. 

Jokiniemi started a longer research project called Without an alphabet with autistic adults. The project focuses into subjective ways of communicating and forming languages with inanimate objects and with each other. Lately she was working at the Helsinki city council in a pilot project called HelCre. Among others, she collaborated with Alvi, an association that provides housing for people suffering from psychological difficulties.

At Arc Jokiniemi starts a new work called RRRRR. She has the support of her current collaborators Natalia Rangel Dominguez (composer) and Miguel Angel Melgares (dramaturge / visual artist). The main principle of RRRRR is based on structures of Schizophrenia, within us and in our surroundings, virtual world and socio-political structures. Jokiniemi is especially interested in the notion of «fake» constant presence and disembodiment online. The idea during this residency is to start looking into displacements, derailments and chaos in our surroundings and in our psychological landscapes, in order to build understanding and a working methodology for the performance work.

In April 2017 Sonja works on her new project Howl at Arc, an investigation to a collaboration of love between the human and inhuman. The project explores contemporary loneliness and loss. It attempts to create proposals of hybrid connectedness. The artist creates her very own loved one with whom perspectives on care and belonging unfold.


  • Howl


01 - 10 JUL 2015
25 - 28 JAN 2016
06 - 09 APR 2017