Renaud Loda

The artistic world of Renaud Loda (born 1981) revolves around a fully fledged post-modernism. Not without humour, his multidisciplinary work that questions the notion of limits can be thought of as a desperate search for new conceptual frontiers.

From oil painting to short stories via video installations including parodies of the musical clip, the artist goes as far as to speculate on art from other worlds in his curious anthology of extraterrestrial art. This document is considered a reference point for research projects in this field.

In parallel with his own work in visual arts, he is involved in various curatorial projects in Switzerland and abroad. A graduate of Bern University of the Arts (HKB), Renaud Loda gained a master’s degree from the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) in July 2011.

At the Festival Les Weekends du ROY , Renaud Loda will be presenting the Project Holy Grail, an artistic experiment connected with geobiology that builds on a confrontation between data collected empirically during the investigation and a traditional search in the archives. A physical, participatory dimension is intended to act as a presentation of the work of confrontation. The experience will take place inside Arc as well as in the garden, starting from a group geobiological analysis.

At first, the study will attempt to reveal the mysteries of the historical building before going on to set the results gained against the available archives, be they at Arc or in the communal or cantonal records. The third stage will see an ephemeral plastic device set up to spotlight certain special features discovered during the analysis.

This intervention at Arc will mark the start of a larger research project: this will bring together the plans and summaries of results from numerous artspaces like the OLM Space in Neuchâtel, the Kunsthalle in Bern and La Nef in Le Noirmont in the form of a publication. The experiment will be assisted by geobiologist Joëlle Chautems and her research team.


18 SEP 2016
30 JAN - 05 FEB 2018
15 - 19 JUN 2018