Rachel Gruijters

Rachel Gruijters (1992, NL) studied autonomous design at KASK/School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

In order to deal with forgetting she collects, organizes and reinvents memories, even if it means having to make up new ones to fill the void.

In her work, Rachel chooses to transcend the limitations of working with one medium, instead opting for cross-overs. Collections of stories and objects that once belonged to someone usually are the starting point for a new work.

At Arc Rachel will work on her new artistic research project focusing on traces left in houses and the memories they embody.

She will research how the home is depicted in Hollywood, both in film as well as in the “private lives” of the stars. The research addresses the techniques and tricks art directors, directors, publicity departments and stars use to create an image of the home. Rachel will aim to use these tricks to construct her own traces starting from stories instead of vice versa.



01 - 29 FEB 2016
21 MAY 2016