Philippe Beloul

Philippe Beloul’s work is situated within the performing arts field, while also exploring other media or platforms and developing projects with other artists. 

After studying dance, he worked for years as collaborator and as a performer. He performed for Les Ballets C de la B in La Tristezza Complice (1995). He performed with the dance company Peeping Tom in 2000. He worked with Mette Edvarsen as artistic advisor for Private collection (2002), performed in Opening (2005/2006), or else nobody will know (2007), and every now and then (2009). He created the musical score for 5 by Sarah Ludi for ZOO/Thomas Hauert (2003). He acted in Somewhere in Between, Pierre Coulibeuf's film about Meg Stuart's work. In 2013 he presented Le Projet Macxorciste at the Kunstcentrum BUDA and Beursshouwburg (Brussels). In February 2015 he worked in the BUDA’s studio on Follow me, which was presented at Buda Vista #9 in 2016.  

His next work is inspired by Don Quixote, the novel by Cervantes. Literary analysis and, above all, the directions featured in Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote provide the starting point for this research. In the first phase, Philippe studied and compared various literary, theatrical and cinematographic versions of the work. In the second phase, he is seeking to explore the social and universal character of the story in order to create parallels with contemporary society and turn it into a stage adaptation of his own artistic journey.



12 FEB - 14 MAR 2018