Mayumi Arai

Mayumi Arai (Tokyo) studied in Tokyo at Musashino, Art University, Tokyo University of the Arts and in Vienna at the University of Applied Arts. Originally formed in traditional printmaking and oil painting, her work embraces video installations, photography and performance. 

Beside her solo work, Mayumi collaborated with several Japanese and international artists. Mayumi showed her work in Japan, Austria, Germany, France, USA, Finland, Switzerland and Hong Kong.  

How to disappear (completely) is a transcultural research project by Mayumi Arai (JP) and Nina Willimann (CH) which consists in a series of practices around the process of disappearing - physically or metaphorically, temporarily or at least partially - in order of trying to integrate, to become part of, to gradually disappear in a foreign environment. 

During their time at Arc Nina and Mayumi will research about the notion of the „foreigner“ and its incorporation in christian tradition with a focus on the concepts of hospitality and pilgrimage.


  • How to disappear (completely)


03 - 16 OCT 2016