Magali Tosato

Born in 1988, Magali Tosato earned a degree in history and French literature at the University of Lausanne before going on to study directing at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin from 2010 to 2014. 

During this period, her staging of Der Auftrag (“The Mission”) by Heiner Müller (2013) was invited to the Heiner Müller Festival at Munich’s Residenztheater, and was followed by I love Italy and Italy loves me (2014). On returning to Lausanne, she founded the mikro-kit theatre company. In 2015, thanks to the Théâtre de Vidy and its support for young artists, she created Home-Made and directed Hamlet, which toured schools throughout western Switzerland. In 2016, she was awarded the Bourse de compagnonnage théâtral, a grant for upcoming theatre directors sponsored by the Canton of Vaud and City of Lausanne. She assisted Denis Maillefer in creating Marla, then Stefan Kaegi (of Rimini Protokoll) in creating Nachlass in 2016. Her latest production, Amour/Luxe (“Love/Luxury”, Vidy, 2017), continues her research into autobiographical, documentary theatre by exploring the fallacies associated with marriages of convenience.

At Arc, Magali Tosato is joined by members of her theatre company, mikro-kit – which brings together artists from French-speaking Switzerland and Germany – in a project exploring the theme of transition: how can we find our feet and define ourselves when the world around us is constantly changing and we are changing with it? Their exploration of transitory identities – and how they are reflected in a linguistic and social system – aims to change the way we look at normative behaviour. Using a mixture of documentary, literary and (auto)biographical material, they demonstrate the significance of social phenomena by studying individual trajectories. 

During her residency, Magali is joined by the following collaborators: Lydia Dimitrow, Sarah Frund, Tomas GonzalezAlexandra Martini and Francine Wohnlich.


  • Custom-made residency


15 FEB - 03 MAR 2018