Léa Meier

Léa Meier is a feminist artist who works with performance, text and fabric to create warm and emancipatory environments. She lives and works in Lausanne.

At Arc, she is beginning research for her new project: "Glory Hole - My body, My house, My house of pleasure". How can we (re)think negative spaces and the supposed negativity of the female body so that they become areas of empowerment? Can we build our resistance with poetry and love? How do we articulate feminist poetry or anti-patriarchal literature?

It is with these questions in mind that Léa Meier plans to conduct research into reappropriating the symbolism of women’s inner bodies. Working from the theory that the intimate is political and that language is a dynamic tool for determination, she intends to focus her attention on different kinds of language (whether intimate, domestic, public or political) in order to work out a concept for a feminist literature based around the theme of emptiness. She aims to redefine the inner body as an intimate and political space, all the while developing a language that faithfully represents these diverse spaces and the multitude of different physicalities within them.


  • Custom-made residency


16 NOV - 13 DEC 2017