Kristien Van Den Brande

After a Masters in Philosophy of Pedagogy, Theatre Studies, and one year of research at the Jan Van Eyck Academy (Maastricht), Kristien’s main anchor became Brussels and performing arts, where she alternates between writing, editing and web design, curating, performing, dramaturgy, mentoring and coordination. 

Most of her work has been developed in collaboration, eg. with Myriam Van Imschoot (Sarma/Oral Site), Mette Edvardsen, Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, Christine De Smedt, Sarah Vanhee, Wim Cuyvers. Since 2015 she is working on an editorial-curatorial-artistic research under the name of support de fortune. The research stems from an interest in everyday practices that thrive in the margin of institutions and deontological codes. Her main source of inspiration is literature, but spilling into urbanism, design, typography, feminism, archives, visual art and poetry. Her work takes the form of expanded publishing, lecture presentations and curatorial exchange.

Support de fortune (chance support) is a term coined by Georges Perec in Espèces d'espaces. In his typology of the page it is a space he mentions almost cursorily. It is the left-over denominator for types of paper we all use when other writing surfaces are out of reach or battery: a métro ticket, the margin of a newspaper, a cigarette packet, a block-calendar page, the backside of a receipt or used envelope, a beer mat or a coffee coaster. How can the use of ‘chance supports’ by artists and writers challenge deeply-rooted conceptions of writing and reading?



16 MAR - 13 APR 2018
15 - 19 JUN 2018