Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle (US/IE) works as a playwright, director and designer creating interdisciplinary theatre that fuses elements of dance, film, live camera usage, music, “found-texts” and original writing.

He serves as artistic director of Sponsored By Nobody, an international theatre company based between Brooklyn and Belgium in pursuit of a blue collar avant-garde. Doyle is the recipient of a Saari Fellowship Award from the Kone Foundation (Helsinki), a Cultural Exchange Fund Award from APAP / Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and was an Artist in Residence at The Watermill Center.

Kevin Doyle is researching the concept of “time capsules” as a means by which to connect legislative achievements from the past to our present reality for a general public that has forgotten them. The “time capsule” theme is employed as a dramaturgical element in Part Three of a project called THE AЯTS -- a large-scale work of interdisciplinary theatre scheduled to premiere in 2018. THE AЯTS investigates and deconstructs the history of public funding for the arts and culture in the United States and contrasts it with events in the European Union, where threats to public subsidy have manifested in recent years. THE AЯTS aims to recover the history of public arts subsidy, treating it as cultural knowledge that over time has become “delegitimized” and marginalized from public discourse. Interviews with artists, arts leaders and the general public are then incorporated into this “time capsule” theme as an attempt to reconstruct histories and positive narratives for and about public arts subsidy in a democratic manner. During his time at Arc, Kevin Doyle is conducting general research about time capsules, engaging in a dialogue with local citizens about the arts in their lives, and visiting the Cantonal Museum of Archaeology and History in Lausanne -- which features an actual “time capsule” experience for visitors. These interviews and research form dramaturgical elements to be directly incorporated into Part Three of THE AЯTS.

Previously Kevin was a resident of Arc to work on his project [want·a·ble], a stationary play for interdisciplinary theatre that depicts three individuals suspended in time as they agonize over a decision about what they should post online. [want·a·ble] is a project in collaboration with Jon Bernson, a multimedia artist, musician, and playwright from San Francisco and Fannina Waubert de Puiseau, a dramaturg based in Frankfurt, Germany.


  • [want·a·ble]
  • Custom made residency



01 - 29 FEB 2016
09 - 29 MAY 2017