Julien Babel

Julien Babel (Geneva, 1974) studied drawing, painting and animation in Geneva (Switzerland). He works as a creative artist in Geneva and teaches at eikonEMF (Fribourg).

Drawing on his manifold experiences allows him to develop his artistic work while exploring his fascination for cinema, art, comic strips, painting and drawing. The role of the artist in contemporary society, the role of drawing and the role of humans are the topics that interest him most and which he explores through mixing and remixing, superimposing and opposing images and techniques.

Having kept a blog where he posted a new creation each day, Julien Babel continues to develop his own language through the medium of drawing. In 2014, he exhibited a selection of his latest creations at Karakter in Fribourg. He will be presenting his most recent works at LEGRANDMAGASIN in Geneva at the end of May during the “Nuit des Bains”, a special night opening of galleries.

By bringing together artists and curators as well as stakeholders from outside the art world for a thematic residency in October 2017, Art Babel and Arc hope to lead a reflection on fundamental questions about the practices of collaboration and co-creation, taking the real-life experience of Art Babel as a case study and starting point. The aim of the week is to arrive at a resolution: “An act by which, after reflection, one voluntarily decides to accomplish something”.


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