Jonas Gillmann

Jonas Gillmann was born in Bern in 1983 and works as a freelance dramaturg and theatre director in Basel.

His projects originate at the crossroads between the performing and visual arts, and can be found in both theatres and exhibition spaces (including the Wildwuchs Festival, Theater Roxy, the Ausstellungsraum Klingental, the Treibstoff Theatertage, and the Kunstverein Solothurn). He has a long-standing personal involvement with the Sans-Papier refuges in Bern and Basel as well as the bblackboxx artists’ space.

At Arc, he is working on the project “Mann* - Hegemonie - Gefühl - Macht – Verunsicherung” (working title). Far too little has been said about the various forms of masculinity* and their related privileges, especially in view of disasters they cause. Indeed, masculinity* is “the great unspoken”. At Arc, Jonas Gillmann is working out his first experimental setups for the project. It is envisaged as an installation and performance, a narrative space in which the social constructions of masculinity* are discussed and the uncertainties and upheavals of masculine hegemony are played out.



01 - 15 NOV 2017
01 - 15 DEC 2017
30 JAN - 05 FEB 2018
15 - 19 JUN 2018
02 SEP 2018