Jacek Smolicki

Jacek Smolicki is a cross-media artist and designer with degrees in Methodology of Design, Interdisciplinary Studies/Experience Design and Sound Art currently enrolled in a PhD research at the Malmö University. 

His practice-based expertise is built upon an a range of diverse international initiatives and projects including such forms as interactive installations, sous-veillance art (Moscow Biennale for Young Art 2012), site-specific memorial art (Last Walk of Olof Palme, Stockholm 2011), soundwalks (The District 1941-1943, Krakow, Jewish Culture Festival, 2013), immersive soundscapes (Augmented Spatiality, Stockholm 2013). 

Since 2008 he has been conducting a life-long initiative based on documenting his presence in public spaces by the means of consistently performed practices deploying a range of multi-modal technologies and artistic techniques ( On-Going Project includes for instance Minuting in which Smolicki records at least one minute of sound every day since August 2010. 

Besides engaging with existing recording technologies, archives, and heritage, in his research and artistic work, he is interested in developing and testing new techniques for experiencing, recording and archiving public spaces, everyday life, and natural environments.
As a point of departure to his work at Arc, he will use his archive of field recordings he has been constructing for the last eight years.
He explores how practices of solitary and collective field recording, soundwalking and soundscape archiving can raise awareness and augment the perception of various phenomena embedded in our daily milieus though not always that easily detectable.


14 - 19 SEP 2016
03 JUN 2017
30 JAN - 05 FEB 2018
15 - 19 JUN 2018
15 OCT - 13 NOV 2018