Dominika Hadelova

Dominika Hadelova (Krnov, the Czech Republic, 1991) is a visual artist, photographer and writer, currently based in Paris, France. She received her BA from Contemporary Art Practice at Gray's School of Art in Scotland and gained working experience at the Tyler Print Institute in Singapore. 

In her practice, she explores the relationships between humans and places, the unseen but felt, the intangible and unpronounceable of our lives. She is curious about what is it to be in time in space and she strives to understand what lies beyond. 

During their time at Arc Eduardo Cassina and Dominika will explore the theme of borders, blurry lines, in relation to their work. They will discuss subjects such as peripheries, language policies and the concept of ecumenopolis as well as the borderlines between knowing and believing, the ethereal and real, the ancient and present. They are also curious to explore blurry lines present within the creative process, such as the lines between having an idea and not losing faith in the idea, lines between sanity and insanity, lines between a worker and an artist. They will also question the need for creating such borderlines, what problems borderlines present - and whether, in fact, there are any borderlines at all.



26 - 31 OCT 2016
03 JUN 2017