Craig Wells

Craig Wells is a sonic artist and researcher based in Bergen Norway. He completed a masters and PhD at Newcastle University in philosophy and experimental composition in 2014. 

His work oscillates around electroacoustic composition where he investigates the body, thresholds of auditory perception, sonic fiction and the poetics of listening. His research trajectory is broadly concerned with phonographic in-fidelities of place, eco-acoustic interventions and sonification. He also composes and improvises electronic music under various monikers, most notably klunks, fusing acousmatic techniques with beat making and jazz. 

Craig will be exploring eco acoustics and sound walks whilst on location at Arc. The material correlated from these engagements will be manipulated into a number of electroacoustic vignettes accompanied by threads of sonic fiction. Hydrophones, contact microphones and shotgun microphones will translate not only the psychoacoustic intensities of the site but also the concealed and material vibrations that often go unheard or rather un-felt. 

What particularly interests Craig is the notion of “teasing out the imperceptible nuances of place”- in this sense making the barely audible, faint and ghostly more potent, disruptive and explicit. Craig wants to excavate and reveal how technological representations of the sound scape each hold their own tiny fictions of place. 

What he finds extremely interesting is how different technological recording devices possesses the capacity to hear the world differently and through putting these phonographic fidelities in dialogue interesting creative engagements can reveal themselves and proliferate nomadic artistic detours. 

He will be exploring a number of approaches to sound creation including sonification and acousmatic approaches to sound design whilst using the landscape/soundscape as a terrain for percussive potentialities.


  • Custom Made residency


10 - 25 OCT 2016