Conrad Willems

Conrad Willems (1983, Ostend) is an artist from Belgium with an art practice shifting between sculpting, drawing and performance.

The origin of his work is found in his interest in construction, deconstruction and architecture, often tracing back to the basic shapes of wooden toy building sets. Classically trained in ballet, his body movements function as an intermediate between his two and three dimensional works.

His sculptures are constructed rather than sculpted. He works with freestanding pieces that are stacked on top of each other, remaining unfixed to each other. These modular installations are often constructed for a live audience. The building process thus becomes a performance, the resulting construction an installation work. 

During his stay at Arc Conrad will be exploring in what way our play as children influences our professional (art) careers and he plans on creating a new modular art work based on this research. Our society limits play to the realm of the child, but do we really know the impact of play? How does play result in differences in architecture, construction and in the urban landscape?



02 - 20 OCT 2017
30 JAN - 05 FEB 2018
15 - 19 JUN 2018