Asli Hatipoglu

Asli Hatipoglu is a textile cooking artist with Turkish & Thai background, currently finished her degree in textile art and design at Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. Her work mainly focuses on meanings that disappear in contemporary textiles, manifesting these changes that came along with technological changes through extracting dyes from specific places and kitchens, which change color in time in weaves.

She is interested in distinctive quality of hand labor, the tactility of handwork and translating a concept with a historical background into material.

Through collaborating with different artists, Asli investigates ways to tackle issues concerning our heritage, disappearing traditions and find ways to preserve our history. By using local materials, and through engaging other people, she extracts stories which she translates into textile works.

At Arc residency, Asli, in collaboration with textile artist Anastasia Starostenko, will practice traditional textile techniques such as washing local raw wool, carding, spinning and weaving, thinking of possibilities to reuse these traditional crafts and think of their 'new' function and place; how textile can reflect a specific region, tell the story of the material and visualize the surrounding/history of Arc into textile."



01 - 30 JUN 2016
03 JUN 2017