Arielle Grasser

Arielle Grasser explores the origin and construction of myths in her art. Her obsessive research dissects the concept of “mythification” and the role of erroneous interpretations, rumours, false information and other artefacts in the creation of myths and legends. 

She is interested in the way in which errors and gaps in knowledge can result in a slide towards fiction. Arielle Grasser’s projects are based on modes of representation conveyed by the media, science and religion, and generally take the form of reinvented myths. She takes a fresh look at stories which are often taken for granted and wrongly considered to be real, demonstrating that the manner of their representation always conceals imaginary or fake elements.

During their residency at Arc, Arielle and Vytautas Jankauskas will explore the way in which new technologies currently contribute to new religious models, reflecting on the manner in which cutting-edge tools transform rituals, objects and places of worship, and analysing the methods that have been put in place by the religious authorities to adapt to a contemporary context.



03 - 30 NOV 2016
03 JUN 2017
24 - 30 AUG 2017
15 - 19 JUN 2018