Adjoa Wiredu

The work of Adjoa Wiredu concerns the relationships between people and the places they live.

She takes interest in how everyday experiences shape us and the reasons why. Particularly changes and its effects. Her projects explore the details that form our ideas, decisions and aspirations. For the discussion of overarching social issues, her method aims to learn from the personal experience. The stories she collects inspire her prose, essays and social documentary. Presentation of her works incorporate audio to confront and engage participants in the present.

Adjoa is currently working on a site-specific project about music and the elderly. She is building a multi-media diary, a collection of photography and prose. Her disjointed portraits which come from personal experiences and past projects highlight the tensions of identity, migration, othering and class.

At Arc, Adjoa engages in a Walk & Talk residency to develop her art practice and curiosity. With Martina Raponi, they explore how awareness of the self distorts process. They examine innovative methods of documenting journeys, the significance of technology and what it means for multimedia narratives.


26 - 31 OCT 2018