Application process:

Yes. If both work spaces are occupied, this also means that there are no beds available any more. So even for the Walk & Talk residencies it is required to check the availabilities.

At least two months ahead of time if the desired timeframe is available

Follow these steps: 1. save the empty PDF to your desktop. 2. Open the file saved on your desktop and fill out all the required fields. Save the completed document on your desktop – under a new name if necessary. 3. Send the newly completed PDF and the requested documents (see the ‘How to apply’ section) by email to: info@arc-artistresidency.ch. You cannot fill out the form in your browser.

CV, portfolio, links to your website if you have one, for videos and audios: link to vimeo or YouTube only. Max 2MB.

A selection of your latest projects so we get an idea of your work.

There is no fixed list of specialists or partners. Since the residencies are custom made we are trying to facilitate every single artist or group as good as possible for his/ her/ their research. Our network is vast: from people and institutions in the artistic field, in the academic world, to specialists with every day skills. We advise you to write in your application in what way we could support your research; not to adapt your application to the specialists or partners mentioned on our website.

No. You can describe the specific research question you have and the kind of specialist you would like to collaborate with, and we will propose you some people.

We receive a lot of applications and try to give residencies to as much as different people as possible. So you can send in several proposals, but we will not be able to invite you for all of them.

Professional contacts that know you and your work well. Yes, they should be available to be contacted by us.

This is upon you to decide. Important is that we have a good idea of your background and enough information to be able to contextualize your application for Arc.

Preferably in English but German and French are also ok. Please use the application form on our website.

You will be contacted by Arc directly

We need at least 6 to 8 weeks to review applications.

Residency types:

These longer residencies can be for research and reflection, without the pressure of production, or to prepare or develop a project. A custom made "package" is put together for each artist or group of artists. There can be an individual accompaniment by the Arc director and other external specialists, if required for the artistic work process.

We give priority to artists who are starting a research or project that is still fresh and frail, and who can benefit from exchange with specialists. We do welcome people as well who are keen to deepen their research and profit from the exchange, but please keep in mind that we are not a production house, but a residency for research.

Yes, but is to be discussed with Arc. Please mention it on your application form.

We give priority to applications for 1 month.

We give priority to people who can stay a calendar month. You can check our availabilities on http://arc-artistresidency.ch/en/availability

A special characteristic of Arc is the wonderful landscape that surrounds it. As walking can be conducive to the discursive process, we want to regularly invite two persons (artists or other practitioners) for shorter residencies, to make long walks in the beautiful green surroundings together. The idea is to give people time to enter into a longer dialogue in another rhythm and collaborative mode.

You can either apply with a concrete proposal of who you want to walk with, either you can indicate the type of expert or practitioner you would want to meet, and we try to look for a good match.

Arc offers accommodation and a work space. The walks are to be planned and organised by the participants. However Arc has a selection of itineraries to propose.

2 – 3 times a year a call for participation will invite artists and practitioners from other fields to react to a theme or a question that is related to the political or societal actuality. These thematic residencies will be developed and facilitated with other partners. A jury of experts will choose the participants and has the opportunity to invite additional specialists.

Yes. We encourage people from other fields to apply for thematic residencies.

In June 2015, the Migros Culture Percentage launched an extensive mentoring programme in the field of literature. The web platform Double includes a mentoring system with a unique approach in Switzerland, focusing on the cooperation between renowned authors and (young) writers of all genres. The project includes an extensive mentorship programme, a retreat, and publication opportunities. The offer is aimed at professional writers living in Switzerland. www.double-literaturplattform.ch

Minimum 4 days

Arc is a residency for research, in exchange with specialists from other fields, not a retreat for writers. You can apply for a Custom Made residency, but please check our Mission Statement  and the conditions on our website.
The Literature residencies  are curated by Yeboaa Ofosu, project leader of the Literature platform Double of Migros Culture Percentage, and are only accessible to Swiss authors (or writers based in Switzerland).

Yes. In this case we advise you to fill in a Custom Made application and specify your idea of integrating a Walk and Talk residency in this form.

Support offered by Arc:

Travel, accommodation and food

No. Arc offers travel, accommodation and food, but no fee.

Travel means the travel from where you live to Arc.

Yes, we will send you an official invitation letter and help with all other necessary documents required.

Insurance, personal expenses, material for their project.

Arc provides you with an international network of artists, experts, curators etc. and helps you develop your project by providing contacts with authorities and locals. The Arc director can also offer her support and advice on administrative and financial matters and help in finding co-production partners.

There is basic office material like paper, pens, markers, tape, … Arc has a printer in the office that can be used by the residents.
We have a workshop in the garden with basic tools to work on wood etc. The material has to be purchased by the artists. 
We do not have material like canvases, paint, brushes, etc. as we do not offer residencies for painters (we do not have visual art studios).

We have basic technical material like beamer, mixing board, microphones, loudspeakers, cables …

General questions:

Yes, except for the Literature residency

Arc welcomes artists from different disciplines, Swiss and international.

The Arc work spaces are not suited for dance or movement research or rehearsals (too small and unfit wooden floors.) However we welcome choreographers and performance makers who want to work on reflections, dramaturgical or other research for their work. The Arc work spaces are not suited either for painting or sculpture, due to the medieval nature of the spaces. We do welcome visual artists who want to do other research.

The Arc work spaces are not suited for dance or movement research or rehearsals (too small and unfit wooden floors.) However we welcome choreographers, theatre and performance makers who want to work on reflections, dramaturgical or other research for their work.

The Arc work spaces are not suited for painting or sculpture, due to the medieval nature of the spaces. We do welcome visual artists who want to do other research.

No, unfortunately we cannot host artists with children. As we are a tiny staff and have modest resources we are not able to provide child care or baby-sitting. What’s more, the house is not adapted towards children: it is a medieval house with lots of stairs, sharp edges and wooden floors with splinters. Finally, the residency is a shared house: there are no separate apartments or living quarters and there are always several artists in residency at the same time, plus one of the staff.

Unfortunately, the house is not wheelchair-accessible. The house dates from the Middle Ages, and contains many narrow corridors and staircases. There are no bathrooms or bedrooms on the ground floor. What's more, it is listed as a classified heritage building and we are therefore prohibited from making any refurbishments.

Partners are welcome to stay at Arc, when there is enough space. We do not cover travel or food for partners.

No, because if the work spaces are booked, that means the accommodations are booked as well.

Workspace 1 is 8.5 m x 6.60 m and has a grand piano (Grotrian-Steinweg). Workspace 2 is 9.65 m x 6.60 m.

Arc is an artist residency. We do not rent out our house or our spaces.

All our workshops are organized or co-organized by Arc. We do not rent out or offer our house for external workshops.

No. Arc is a residency, not a venue or a gallery. 
However, we do organize informal presentations of work processes if artists want to show something at the end of their residency.

Sure! Send us an email before to make sure we are around

Romainmôtier is a medieval village and Cluniac site. It’s located in a small valley, surrounded by fields and forests. More info:http://www.romainmotier-tourisme.ch/en/