The House

The house has two wooden-floored workspaces on the first floor. Workspace 1 is 8.5 m x 6.60 m and has a grand piano (Grotrian-Steinweg). Workspace 2 is 9.65 m x 6.60 m.

On the ground floor there is an open office space, a lounge and a library. The kitchen on the ground floor is fully equipped and there is a utility room with a washing machine and dryer. 

Arc has two en-suite double bedrooms (one on the ground floor, the other on the first floor) and a large six-bed dorm on the second floor. 

The house has central heating and WiFi on all floors. 

There is also a nice garden at the rear of the property.

Unfortunately, the house is not wheelchair-accessible. There are no bathrooms or bedrooms on the ground floor. What's more, it is listed as a classified heritage building and we are therefore prohibited from making any refurbishments. 


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The House

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