Arc is a residency for research and dialogue. It facilitates exchange and collaboration in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Artists and experts from different backgrounds are invited to appropriate the place over time, to critically reflect upon their practice, experiment and take their work forward, through shared activities and encounters.

Making is thinking

Arc is an inclusive laboratory, incubator and test bed for fresh ideas, new projects and imaginative formats. By focussing on research and dialogue, Arc creates a climate where “making is thinking” - where artistic practice and creative discourse coalesce and flourish.

Transversal exchange

The residency offers a space for agency at the intersection between the arts and society. Arc welcomes approaches that encourage the exchange of knowledge and skills, which lead to transversal collaborations. Artists are invited to engage with experts from other fields, as this practical and productive process allows them to widen their fields of investigation and forge innovative partnerships beyond the confines of the art world.

National and international network

Arc supports artists in their research activities by allowing them to develop thematic discussions and incorporate themselves into Arc’s local, national and international network, which at times it pursues purposely off the beaten institutional tracks.


Rewarding artistic exchanges can only take place in a friendly atmosphere that fosters trust, mutual respect and consideration, making artists and other practitioners feel welcome. This hospitality is central to Arc, and is shared by the hosts and the guests, the team and the artists.

Thematic questions

Arc wants to keep re-inventing itself, by continuously questioning the residency as an art institution from within and without, challenging values, testing new ways of collaboration and questioning the wider socio-cultural ecology. Participants are invited to contribute to these thematic explorations and reflections with their own research and projects.