Nora Adwan

Nora Adwan works with photography and large sculptural installations. She is interested in the tension between digital and analogue images and objects, and the different kind of materiality they produce.

She is interested in the way these images are perceived, and how they trigger different thought processes. There are many parallel routes, or entry points into her work; some are triggered by social phenomena or technological developments; others are intuitive process-based pieces.

At Arc, she will be engaging in a Walk & Talk residency with Lana Sirri about the figure of the "Arab woman". The figure of the “Arab woman” is often talked about, analysed, discussed and written about, but mostly not by those who embody this identity. In these cases, the Arab woman has to navigate her body and identity between often competing and contradictory spaces: Orientalism and fundamentalism. It is in these spaces that her body is regulated and consumed.

During their time at Arc, Nora Adwan and Lana Sirri will discuss the contemporary position of Muslim Arab women—a subjectivity and body that they embody in themselves, living in Western societies. They will focus on their own positions both in academia and the art world.

The title of the new visual artistic research project beginning here is “Defragmentation: from orientalism to terror suspects; imaging Arab women in the West”.


  • Walk & Talk


 9 - 13 OCT. 2017