Gosie Vervloessem

Gosie Vervloessem is one of the participants in the thematic residency "Re-invent the residency". She is a performer and film-maker. Under the name Domestic Science Club, Gosie experiments with the laws of physics for domestic use. 

Her work focuses on observing natural phenomena and asking questions about it: “Everything seems so logical, but what is the logic behind it?” Gosie Vervloessem’s research focuses on bacteria and viruses. The guiding questions in her works are: How to relate to an unclassifiable world that is chaotic, unhygienic and messy? How to free ourselves from the quarantine of our bathroom? In one sentence: How to advocate a cluttered world in times of Ebola?

Recently Vervloessem has been exploring the concept of the kitchen as a sanctuary and a playground for uninvited guests by introducing invasive species in domestic settings. Which values do invasion ecologies underpin and how are these values applied or denied in baking an apple pie?

During her Custom-made residency at Arc, Vervloessem would like to explore how invasive species could break the narratives of her research and give way to new forms of shaping places of encounter. During her stay at Arc, she will take the first step into this exploration by diving into related literature and more visual forms of communication.

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